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Trainee seeking employment in the Tampa Bay area

John E. Cleveland Resume 2023

(Posted 3/29/2023)

Atef Updated Resume 2023

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Certified General – Commercial Appraisers – Remote Work

Hendry Real Estate Advisors, Inc. is an established appraisal firm providing commercial and residential valuations to national lenders, real estate investment companies and property management operators. We perform hundreds of multifamily and commercial appraisals annually in Florida and throughout the United States. We offer an excellent fee split and professional support and have extensive resources and a comprehensive database of comparable properties. Our headquarters are located in Tampa and we have offices located around the country; our staff & appraisers work remotely with access to our cloud file storage & online report preparation software.

Appraise with the support of a team with over 50 years of combined knowledge and professional experience in the appraisal industry. We are looking for Certified General and Trainee Appraisers.

We are looking for experienced commercial appraisers in regional and local markets around the country as well as Florida-based appraisers, with opportunities to travel to popular metropolitan areas for job assignments.

Remote Work:  We are looking for experienced independent state-licensed Commercial Appraisers for properties we are appraising in Florida markets and throughout the country. Our company has a nationwide presence and our national investment and bank clients offer us projects in primary markets all around the United States.

We want to contract with you to work remotely for us; we value your local appraisal expertise and resources.

Commercial Appraisers: Our reports are more than just assembly-line appraisals. We provide our clients with value-added appraisals & our assignment fees reflect this.

Fee Assignments:  The appraisers we need are detail-oriented and have excellent communication skills, a strong writing ability, time management and problem-solving skills, and who can travel for property inspections (travel expenses reimbursed). We are looking for appraisers with a proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel). Knowledge of Argus is a plus. Experience appraising multifamily properties is preferred but we are also looking for appraisers with a background in appraising other types of commercial properties such as vacant land, retail, office and industrial properties.

Support Staff:  Our staffers assist with preparing/formatting and reviewing/editing reports and help research background property data; they are experienced in writing and comprehending appraisal concepts and have excellent skills in Word, Excel and utilizing an online report database.

About Hendry Real Estate Advisors, Inc.

Our valuation experience includes most types of real property found in Florida, the Southeast and throughout the country. The firm prepares commercial appraisals for a variety of clients including major insurance companies, pension funds, banks, conduits, savings and loan associations, investment banking organizations, attorneys, governmental agencies and individuals. Our services include appraisals, market studies, feasibility analysis, consultation and litigation support. Specific analysis and appraisal assignments include, but are not limited to, neighborhood shopping centers, regional malls, small and extremely large residential estates, historical properties, commercial, service stations, convenience stores, business parks, special purpose properties, condominiums, condominium conversions, affordable housing, fractured condominiums, multifamily apartment projects, subdivisions, hotels and motels, shopping centers, single and multi-tenant office buildings, all types of warehouses, industrial plants and properties including concrete batch facilities, mobile home parks, funeral homes, schools, golf courses, medical related facilities, marinas, restaurants, car washes, easements, 1 to 14,000-acre vacant land tracts of all types, etc., throughout the United States. We have extensive experience including market studies, discounted cash flow analysis, leasehold and fee simple interests, HUD substantive reviews, highest and best use studies, insurable estimates, investment analysis, and litigation support.

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(Posted 1/8/2024)


The Southern Region of the USDA Forest Service is planning to fill two permanent Senior Review Appraiser positions serving the State, Private and Tribal Forestry program and the National Forest System program.  The positions are within the Southern Regional Office, Lands/Minerals/Uses (LMU) staff.  The position is to be remote where you can work from home within 275 miles of the Atlanta Regional office. The position primarily supports land purchases, exchanges, and conveyances as well as special uses and Forest Legacy.  Responsibilities include a wide range of valuation services, including contracting for real property appraisals and performing technical appraisal review duties.  Requirements include a state appraiser certification and a designation or accreditation that requires approved classroom training in appraisal practice, experience requirements, a demonstration appraisal report or appraisal review report, and a comprehensive qualifying examination in the attainment of the credential.  If interested and for more information contact Mike Herran, Regional Appraiser – Lands, Minerals, and Uses, Region 8 at or  by phone at 470-532-4063.

(Posted 1/8/2024)


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(Posted 8/9/2023)


Withum:  Real Estate Valuation Senior Associate – Exciting opportunity for a Certified General Appraiser to join one of the fastest growing accounting firms – no accounting experience required. Open to remote work location nationally with a preference for applicants with an active license in Florida, Massachusetts, and/or California. Contact Zack Smith, MAI, AI-GRS, at or visit Career Opportunities – Withum for more information.

(Posted 5/31/2023)


Commercial Evaluators.  Valley National Bank is expanding our current panel of “commercial evaluators” for the State of Florida.  If you are interested, please reach out to Kyle Krueger at  We will need copies of sample “evaluation reports” (limited single approach reports) for review for consideration of inclusion to the Valley National Bank Commercial Appraisal Panel.

(Posted 5/31/2023)



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Special Magistrate

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(Posted 5/18/2023)