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Bank of America Commercial Appraisal Services Department

Open Position as a Commercial Appraisal Services Consultant. Primary responsibilities of this role is managing the acquisition, preparation and review of real estate appraisal products. The specific job responsibilities involve obtaining timely and cost effective independent valuation reports; preparing quality assurance reviews in accordance with credit policy, underwriting, credit approval and regulatory requirements.

Job Description

  • Performs quality assurance (detailed) technical reviews.
  • Reviews reports for contract compliance; grades performance.
  • Interacts directly with vendors as well as with the extensive Lines of Business within the Bank.
  • Evaluates valuation requests for policy/regulatory compliance.
  • Develops vendor statements of work for each order.
  • Selects prequalified vendors and distributes RFPs.
  • Executes award and monitors vendor performance.
  • Invoice preprocessing and validation.
  • 1st – level business and vendor dispute resolution (e.g., vendor selection, utilization frequency, invoicing, etc.).


  • Active State-Certified General Real Estate Appraisal Credential.
  • 5+years commercial real estate appraisal experience.
  • An in-depth working knowledge of valuation theory and methodology for commercial and residential appraisals.
  • Able to write concise technical opinions in language comprehensible to expert and layman alike.
  • Intermediate proficiency in the use of the following software applications: Argus (cash flow software), Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet).
  • Basic proficiency in other department programs including: Microsoft Word (word processing).
  • Able to work independently in a remote setting.
  • Commercial appraisal review experience for federally-regulated banking institution or equivalent preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree.

Please apply through the Bank of America Careers Website:

For more information contact Wayne R. Miller, MAI-AI-GRS, FRICS, SVP/Chief Appraiser, at

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The Department of Environmental Protection, Division of State Lands, is actively recruiting for a Senior Appraiser in their Bureau of Appraisal.  Interested applicants should apply through the People First System at the link below.

(Posted 3/3/2022)

Commercial Real Estate Analyst

Description: The Researcher position requires a self-motivated, driven individual who can complete high quality appraisals in a timely manner with excellent communication skills.  The Researcher will work in conjunction with a senior member of the BBG staff to complete appraisal assignments. Day-to-day responsibilities will include research of properties, writing portions of reports, and communicating internally and externally.  In addition, the Researcher must be career oriented and have a strong desire to advance in obtaining state licensing and professional designations.


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Effective research methods.
  • Ability to understand and executive complex verbal and written instructions.
  • Work and communicate effectively with all other positions within the company.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and strong working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Outlook.
  • Experience using databases and ability to master the firm’s database with initial in-office training.
  • Knowledge of PDF software; knowledge of Nuance is a plus.
  • The ability to multi-task accurately is essential.
  • Willingness to increase knowledge and skills.

All interested candidates, please reach out to Somer Sanderson

(Posted 2/26/2022)


BBG’s remains one of the fastest growing appraisal and consulting firms in Florida. Their expansion continues with staffing opportunities in Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville and the Southwest Florida offices. We are actively seeking:

MAI Designated Appraisers
Senior and Junior Level State-Certified Appraisers
Full Shop Acquisition Opportunities

BBG is a national, full-service provider of commercial property valuation products ranging from traditional appraisals to specialized due diligence and consulting services. Our Florida-based management team has over 100 years of combined leadership experience in the commercial valuation industry and has established and maintained professional relationships throughout a broad spectrum of clients including banks, agency lenders, equity investors, real estate fund advisors, REITs and insurance companies. BBG’s national presence includes 40+ offices from coast to coast including six (6) in Florida.

BBG offers a complete and dynamic technology package and corporate support staff maximizing the efficiency of the assignment process from engagement to transmittal. All industry standard resources are provided. BBG provides a fully integrated laptop to every employee providing flexibility for work in the office, the field or home offices.

Compensation packages are based on level of experience and background. Competitive fee splits are offered to appraisers. BBG offers attractive employee benefit packages including medical, dental, vision, long-term disability and life insurance. In addition, BBG pays Appraisal Institute dues, applicable state licensing fees.

Career advancement potential is high and expected.

Please forward resumes and inquires to Eric Hoening, MAI – Managing Director at or call 813-327-4101.

(Posted 1/17/2022)


Tropical Valuation Advisory is looking for Certified General Appraisers and Trainee Appraisers for our Tampa office.

Tropical Valuation Advisory, a commercial real estate appraisal firm having been in business for nearly 30 years, is looking to expand our operations.  We are a Tampa based firm with staff positions available for experienced appraisers.  Remote work opportunities also available.


  • Bachelor’s degree (BA/BS) from four-year college or university.
  • Currently have a Florida General Appraiser License
  • MAI Designation preferred


  • Requires advanced knowledge of financial real estate terms and principles.
  • Ability to understand and carry out general instructions in standard situations.
  • Ability to solve problems in standard situations.
  • Requires intermediate analytical and quantitative skills.


  • Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • 5+ years’ experience appraising commercial real estate
  • Argus knowledge a plus

Please forward your resume to Chris Shaeffer at or you can call at 813-343-0907 x225 for any additional information about this opportunity.

(Posted 1/11/2022)

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Certified General, Trainee and Residential Appraisers

Hendry Real Estate Advisors, Inc. is an established appraisal firm providing commercial and residential valuations to national lenders, real estate investment companies and property management operators. We perform hundreds of multifamily and commercial appraisals annually in Florida and throughout the United States. We offer an excellent fee split and professional support and have extensive resources and a comprehensive database of comparable properties. Our headquarters are located in Tampa and we have offices located around the country; our appraisers are able to work remotely and can conveniently access our cloud file storage & online report preparation software.

Appraise with the support of a team with over 50 years of combined knowledge and professional experience in the appraisal industry. We are looking for:

  • Certified General Appraisers
  • Trainee Appraisers
  • Residential Appraisers

We contract with experienced commercial appraisers throughout the country in both regional and local markets. Our Florida-based appraisers have opportunities to travel with job assignments both in-state and in popular metropolitan areas.

 Remote Work:  We are looking for experienced independent state-licensed Commercial Appraisers in Florida markets and in other markets around the country. If you have an established practice in your market and access to regional data sources you can work remotely for us. Due to our company’s nationwide presence, our national investment and bank clients offer us projects in primary markets all around the United States. We are appraising in your area; we want to contract with you to work remotely, the appraiser with local expertise.

Commercial Appraisers: Our reports are more than just assembly-line appraisals. We provide our clients with value-added reports & our assignment fees reflect this.

Residential Appraisers: We need Florida-based residential appraisers in major counties to help us provide superior residential reports for our clients.

Fee Assignments:  The appraisers we need are detail-oriented and have excellent communication skills, a strong writing ability, time management and problem-solving skills, and who can travel for property inspections (travel expenses reimbursed). A proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel) and Argus is preferred. Multifamily experience is preferred but we are also looking for appraisers with a background in appraising other types of commercial properties such as vacant land, retail, office and industrial properties. Residential appraisers must be proficient in a la mode.

About Hendry Real Estate Advisors, Inc.

Our valuation experience includes most types of real property found in Florida, the Southeast and throughout the country. The firm prepares commercial appraisals for a variety of clients including major insurance companies, pension funds, banks, conduits, savings and loan associations, investment banking organizations, attorneys, governmental agencies and individuals. Our services include appraisals, market studies, feasibility analysis, consultation and litigation support. Specific appraisal assignments include, but are not limited to, neighborhood shopping centers, regional malls, single and multi-tenant office buildings, hotels and motels, historical properties, service stations, convenience stores, business parks, marinas, all types of warehouses, multifamily apartment projects, condominium conversions, industrial plants and properties including concrete batch facilities, manufactured gas plants (MGP) including construction and demolition debris and petroleum and arsenic contamination, as well as easements and 1 to 14,000-acre vacant land tracts of all types. We have extensive experience with a variety of special purpose properties including restaurants, funeral homes, schools, golf courses, car washes and medical related facilities. Our experience also includes market studies, discounted cash flow analysis, leasehold and leased fee interests, highest and best use studies, investment analysis, and litigation support.


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ADI – Appraisal Alliance Inc in Tampa, FL, has an immediate need to add an experienced State-Certified Residential Appraiser to our team on a project fee basis – to Serve the Hillsborough to Sarasota area – and possibly into Central Florida. Work from home – computer, software ACI and MLS data provided (or reimbursed) if needed. Please be professional in appearance with reliable transportation. Please forward your resume and sample report to


Special Magistrate Positions 



Opportunities now exist for attorneys who are licensed in the State of Florida and meet the following criteria to serve as private counsel to the Value Adjustment Board of Santa Rosa County for the current year (2022):

  1. The VAB shall appoint private counsel who has practiced law for over 5 years and who shall receive such compensation as may be established by the Board.
  2. Counsel may not represent the property appraiser, the tax collector, any taxing authority, or any property owner in any administrative or judicial review of property taxes.
  3. Counsel will be required to attend all meetings of the VAB.

Resumes may be submitted to the address listed below or emailed to and must include qualifications and proposed hourly rate. Qualified applicants may submit resumes on or before Friday, July 01, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. Resumes received after July 01, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. will not be accepted. Please direct all inquiries to Amanda Pierce at (850) 983-1832.

Santa Rosa County Clerk of Court
Attn: Board Support Services (Amanda Pierce)
6495 Caroline Street, Suite G
Milton, Florida 32570

(Posted 6/19/2022)



The Value Adjustment Board of Santa Rosa County, Florida, invites all interested parties to submit letters of interest to serve as Special Magistrate for the 2022 Value Adjustment Board.

Special Magistrates may not be elected or appointed officials or employees of Santa Rosa County, Florida but shall be selected from a list of those qualified individuals who are willing to serve as Special Magistrates. Employees and elected or appointed officials of a taxing jurisdiction or of the state may not serve as Special Magistrates.

Special Magistrates are required to have at least 5 years of experience OR 3 years of experience and have completed training provided by the Department of Revenue. A Special Magistrate appointed to hear issues of exemptions and classifications shall be a member of The Florida Bar with experience in the area of ad valorem taxation; a Special Magistrate appointed to hear issues regarding the valuation of real estate shall be a state certified real estate appraiser with experience in real property valuation; and a Special Magistrate appointed to hear issues regarding the valuation of tangible personal property shall be a designated member of a nationally recognized appraiser’s organization with experience in tangible personal property valuation.

Training provided by the Department of Revenue is required for the following:

  • All special magistrates prior to conducting any 2022 VAB hearing.
  • VAB members or VAB attorneys in counties with a population less than 75,000 that do not use special magistrates. (Please note: Santa Rosa County has a population in excess of 75,000)
  • Individuals who are otherwise qualified, have at least three years but less than five years of relevant experience, and want to be considered for appointment as a special magistrate must take the exam.

The department shall provide and conduct training for special magistrates at least once each state fiscal year in at least five locations throughout the state. Such training shall emphasize the department’s standard measures of value, including the guidelines for real and tangible personal property. A person who has 3 years of relevant experience and who has completed the training provided by the department under this subsection may be appointed as a special magistrate. The training shall be open to the public. The department shall charge tuition fees to any person attending this training in an amount sufficient to fund the department’s costs to conduct all aspects of the training. The department shall deposit the fees collected into the Certification Program Trust Fund pursuant to s. 195.002 (2).

More information from the Department of Revenue on required training may be obtained at

Special Magistrates need not be a resident of Santa Rosa County. Special Magistrates may not represent a person before the Santa Rosa County Value Adjustment Board in any tax year during which he or she serves as a Special Magistrate.

Rate of pay shall be determined by the Value Adjustment Board. Applicants are asked to submit their proposed hourly rate of pay with their letter of intent including charges and/or reimbursement for travel arrangements (if any), minimum hours (if any), etc. All interested parties shall submit their letter of interest, with all required qualifying documents (including proof of training), experience, and proposed hourly rate of pay to this office no later than July 01, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. (in the office). Please make sure all qualifications, supporting documents, and work experience are documented in your resume. Letters of interest received after the deadline will not be eligible. Letters of interest shall be emailed to Amanda Pierce at or submitted to the address below:

Honorable Donald C. Spencer, Clerk
Value Adjustment Board
Attn: Board Support Services (Amanda Pierce)
Santa Rosa County, Florida

Mailing Address: 6495 Caroline Street, Suite G
Milton, Florida 32570

If further information is needed, please call Amanda Pierce at 850-983-1832 or email at Santa Rosa County reserves the right to waive any informality or to reject any and all submittals.

(Posted 6/19/2022)




THE CLERK OF THE ESCAMBIA COUNTY VALUE ADJUSTMENT BOARD IS NOW ACCEPTING SEALED APPLICATIONS for APPRAISER SPECIAL MAGISTRATE and ATTORNEY SPECIAL MAGISTRATE for 2022. Special Magistrates must be licensed in the State of Florida and meet the following criteria, but need not be residents of the county in which he or she serves:

  1. Employees and elected or appointed officials of a taxing jurisdiction or of the state may not serve as special magistrates.
  2. A special magistrate appointed to hear issues of exemptions and classifications shall be a member of The Florida Bar with not less than 5 years experience in the area of ad valorem taxation.
  3. A special magistrate appointed to hear issues regarding the valuation of real estate shall be a state certified real estate appraiser with not less than 5 years
    experience in real property valuation.
  4. A special magistrate appointed to hear issues regarding the valuation of tangible personal property shall be a designated member of a nationally recognized
    appraiser’s organization with not less than 5 years experience in tangible personal property valuation (either attorney or appraiser).
  5. A special magistrate may not represent a person before the board in any tax year during which he or she has served that board as a special magistrate.
  6. Appraiser and Attorney Special Magistrates will be required to sign contracts for services at a negotiated rate per hour. Expense reimbursements will be made in
    accordance with statutory travel reimbursement rates. Special Magistrates may be required to conduct morning, afternoon, and/or evening sessions.
  7. Applicants must be computer literate.

Applications may be obtained from the Clerk’s Office at the address listed below, from the Clerk’s website,, or will be mailed or emailed to applicants upon request. Any qualified individual who wishes to apply should submit an application and resume, in a SEALED envelope labeled VAB SPECIAL MAGISTRATE, by 5:00 p.m. on JUNE 30, 2022, to:

Honorable Pam Childers
Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller
Attn: DeLana Allen-Busbee, Clerk to the Board’s Office
Value Adjustment Board
221 Palafox Place, Suite 110
Pensacola, Florida 32502-5843
(850) 595-3917


(Posted 5/5/2022)

The Hernando County Value Adjustment Board (VAB) is seeking attorneys and state-certified real estate appraisers to serve as VAB Special Magistrates to hear property value and legal appeals filed by County taxpayers.

The deadline to submit an application is May 16, 2022.

For details and to apply, go to

(Posted 4/15/2022)


Special Magistrates for the 2022 Pinellas County Value Adjustment Board

In accordance with Section 194.035, Florida Statutes, Pinellas County is currently seeking appraisers who meet the following criteria to serve as Special Magistrates for the 2022 Value Adjustment Board. A Special Magistrate may not be an appointed or elected official or employee of Pinellas County; must be a state certified real estate appraiser with not less than five years experience in real property evaluation and/or a designated member of a nationally recognized appraiser’s organization with not less than five years experience in tangible personal property valuation, per Chapter 475, Florida Statutes; and may not represent a taxpayer before the Value Adjustment Board in any tax year during which he or she serves as a Special Magistrate. Appraisers who have three years of relevant experience and who have completed the training conducted by the Department of Revenue will also be considered for appointment.

Special Magistrates will be paid at the rate of $125.00 per hour. Hearings will be scheduled during the months of October, November, December and January. Candidates wishing to serve should contact Derelynn Revie, Deputy Clerk, Value Adjustment Board, Pinellas County Courthouse, 315 Court Street, Fifth Floor, Clearwater, Florida 33756; telephone number (727) 464-3463; e-mail address: Completed applications must be received on or before 5:00 P.M., Friday, May 13, 2022.

(Posted 4/15/2022)